Getting Started

Step 1: Create a TradingView Account

TradingView is an amazing platform that allows you to plan and perform analysis on your favorite stock or security. SeleneAlgo proudly works on top this platform utilizing the vast trove of market data it supplies.

If you haven’t already, create a Free TradingView account here:

Step 2: Create a Discord Account

While it’s not required for membership, we utilize Discord for providing support and updates to all our customers. Signing up is free and easy:

Step 3: Sign up for a SeleneAlgo Subscription Through Our Partner

TradingCollective shares the same education and ethical values as us, and we have proudly partnered with them. For a limited time you can take advantage of a FREE 7 Day Trial for our Package Subscription! (then discounted at $49/mo after)

Step 4: Sign into TradingView and Set Up Your Chart

Log into TradingView and go to your chart:
After you login, click the menu icon in the upper left corner, and change your color theme to ‘Dark color theme’. While this is not required, it is strongly recommended to adequately see the various signals SeleneAlgo provides.

Step 5: Add SeleneAlgo to Your Chart

Every 30 minutes our servers check for new subscriptions and grants new user access to SeleneAlgo and its supporting indicators. After 30 minutes, click the ‘Indicators’ button on top of your chart.

You should see an ‘Invite-only scripts’ category on the left. Under that category you should see SeleneAlgo and any supporting indicators.

Note: If you do not see the ‘Invite-only scripts’ category or SeleneAlgo indicators after 30 minutes, please reach out to us on Discord

Step 6: Open Settings and Accept Disclaimer

SeleneAlgo should appear in the upper left corner with yellow X’s on your chart. Hover over where it says SeleneAlgo and the Settings icon should appear, click that.

Accept the Disclaimer and you are ready to start using SeleneAlgo.

Final Step: Join our Discords!

The SeleneAlgo Discord is a great place for help and support, in addition to getting tips and tricks for setting up your chart. TradingCollective’s Discord is a great community of traders always willing to help and discuss ideas; they do daily live streams and constantly chat about the latest changes in the market.

To learn how to use SeleneAlgo, please refer to our How-to guide!

Check out our How-to guide HERE!