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Today the market is saturated with fly-by-night ‘Algos’ that either generate their signals based on common moving average crossovers, SuperTrend copycats, or worse: sketchy Algos that offer no insight into how they generate their signals, expecting their customers to just trust them on blind faith alone. This is where SeleneAlgo strives to differentiate itself from any other Algo on the market.

We are a firm believer in radical transparency, and SeleneAlgo was passionately designed with one core objective from the very beginning: Education. Using Momentum, Price Action, Candle Analysis, Support and Resistance Levels, and Trend Direction, SeleneAlgo meticulously calculates the optimal time to Enter and Exit positions in addition to Taking Profit. It also includes a robust Dashboard that provides the user with the most relevant information related to the current market behavior, allowing the Trader to create more informed trade strategies. Paired with our unique ‘ADX Momentum Insight Indicator’, Traders will have a unique insight into the current market behavior allowing even the most novice traders to start to recognize early warning signs and patterns of a market trend change, protecting the Trader from chasing the market.


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